About Us

Our Story

Project UMPHY officially started in back in 2015.

It was a simple Idea, one that would hope to shape the world us as we know it.
We wanted to make products that would help people live a better quality of life.

This was an exciting time as many months prior these ideas for developing a functional product to innovate the world of design whilst contributing to society's well being was merely a collection of scrap book ideas.

This vision of developing a more comfortable world was conjured to give the world a little more magic and making people feel good whilst carrying out their journey of self-discovery.


The brand philosophy is to create a vibe with our product.

People who are not umphy spend their energy continually battling discomfort.

This draws focus away from the present moment and has a direct effect on their human experience.

When such individuals come into proximity with others they are less vibrant as if they had made the umphy choice.

Our mission is to satisfy such needs.

We want to help contribute to creating positive change in the social sphere we call society.

This is the key driver in making the world a more umphtable place.